An urban arts outreach program is transformed with the guidance of an HPE Advisor

Barbara Alexander of Performing Arts Academy of Connecticut with Dayo Soola from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Barbara Alexander, Owner of PAACT

Barbara Alexander is a woman of passion - for the arts, and for her local community. Her business, the Performing Arts Academy of Connecticut, conducts arts outreach to at-risk youth in after-school programs, and seniors in residential care facilities. Her instructors teach theater, dance, music and more to people who would not have access to the arts otherwise.

She was working around the clock, but felt like all of the money she made was leaking out of the business. Then, she connected with Dayo Soola, Texas-based Operations Manager in Enterprise Services.

Dayo helped Barbara with strengthening systems so that she could approach lenders with a rock-solid business plan and clean books. Dayo Soola, HPE Advisor from Texas Barbara likes how Dayo lets her make her own mistakes, but there to support and guide her when she has a misstep.

Barbara has gained a greater sense of clarity, which in turn has allowed her to work a normal 40-hour work week. Despite working fewer hours, she is actually making more money.

“I have had nothing but major success with Dayo, Barbara tells us, “I put information given to me into play, and saw growth immediately. My mentor has been a major blessing to me and my business, which has gone from red to black in six weeks! When we met, we had 1 or 2 accounts, and now we have 20 accounts. By the end of next year, I’ll probably be in the $100,000 club.”

PAACT Performance of 'The Wiz'

Not only has Barbara increased her entrepreneurial confidence and financial security, her newfound stability is helping her to serve even more disadvantaged people with access to the arts. Her newest initiative is managing a talent competition to identify talent in the homeless community, and connect these individuals with education and opportunity.