Marketing innovative handicrafts to support the Amazon

Campbell Plowden of Amazon Community Ecology with Rodrigo Borgia, Customer Program Manager, Hewlett Packard

Campbell Plowden

The need
The Center for Amazon Community Ecology (CACE) promotes the understanding, conservation and sustainable development of human and other biological communities in the Amazon region. CACE’s current projects are focused on working with native and campesino communities in the northern Peruvian Amazon to develop and market innovative handicrafts and essential oils.

The Support
CACE aims to transition from being more founder-driven to supporting a small group of paid staff functions. The founder and executive director, Campbell Plowden, was seeking opportunities to streamline and prioritize his activities while empowering others to take on more responsibility.

The Solution
CACERodrigo talked through strategies for making processes more efficient and empowering others at the organization to lead major initiatives. In addition to that core area of focus, the two have also discussed marketing strategies and best practices for managing on-the-ground staff. They continue to meet biweekly to discuss progress, challenges, and leadership strategies.

Rodrigo notes that “This opportunity allows me to have a global reach to individuals across the world. This experience inspired me to continue to advise others, while I am also being mentored by my manager at Hewlett Packard.”

Rodrigo’s support will help CACE transition to a new leadership model and with new staff roles, allowing CACE to grow its programs and its impact.

As a result of this experience Rodrigo shared “I’ve gained a deeper understanding of nonprofits, which I had never worked with. This area helps me understand other business priorities from a new perspective.”