General advising best practices

Some advising principles apply to everyone in the community - advisors and mentees included. Advising works best as a collaborative learning partnership, where both parties work on an even ground toward a shared goal. These articles cover the basics of mentoring. For deep dives by role, see our help center for entrepreneurs and for advisors.

Your first Conversation

The "getting to know you" phase is the most critical stage of the relationship, so don't rush it. Building a trusting relationship requires sufficient time and dedicated effort.
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How to Advise at a Distance

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Advising allows people to connect from all over the world. It can be challenging to build a relationship without the benefit of meeting each other in person. That said, distance advising can be both fun and productive.
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The Qualities of Good Advising Relationships

Advising requires a proactive approach and an open mind, especially in the beginning of the relationship. It is not complicated, but it requires emotional intelligence. Work on cultivating the following qualities for a successful advising relationship.
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