Helping a Virtual Assistant business expand

Sarah Cornforth of Crystla Virtual Assistants with Paola de los Angeles Granados and Sandesh Saldake of Hewlett Packard

The need
Sarah CornforthCrystal Virtual Assistants (CVA), a small business located in the UK, needed to increase its revenue to fund its expansion to new locations. The most difficult part was figuring out where to start. Sarah Cornforth, the company’s founder, explained, “As a new business owner, I couldn’t identify the direction I should be moving in and I was feeling overwhelmed.”

The Solution
After listening carefully and asking strategic questions about CVA’s organizational needs, Sandesh and Paola helped Sarah determine that in order to increase revenue, the business would need to focus on its branding and marketing. Together with Sarah, they developed a plan for CVA to present at an upcoming business expo, including developing an elevator pitch, key messages, and designing the booth space. CVA will be able to use these key messages in future pitches to clients as it continues to expand.

Sandesh Saldake

“Paola and Sandesh helped me get some focus and helped me look at the bigger picture. As a result, I now feel prepared to attend my first expo and feel confident connecting with guests at the event.”

Sarah was not the only one who benefited from the relationship—both Paola and Sandesh found it both personally and professionally rewarding. “I think Hewlett Packard Enterprise Advising is a great tool and the approach is very novel. We are helping the entrepreneurs develop a plan to address their business challenges. It’s a great way to enhance our consulting skills.” By combining their expertise, Paola, Sandesh, and Sarah have charted a path forward to help CVA expand and thrive.