Writing the business plan that successfully launched a new software company

Siddhartha Ghosa of Perfect 12 Technology Solutions with Sundar Ranganathan of Hewlett Packard

Siddhartha Ghosa

After 14 years of experience in the educational field, Siddhartha Ghosa from Hyderabad, India, was looking to put his vast knowledge of software toward launching his own business—Perfect 12 Technology Solutions, a mobile app-based software company. As a first-time business owner, he was seeking an advisor to guide him through this new venture.

On Hewlett Packard Enterprise Advising, he was successfully matched with Hewlett Packard employee Sundar Ranganathan, an experienced business and R&D leader with more than 22 years of technology experience.

Sundar’s participation was driven by a desire to help someone who was typically unable to access such business expertise, remarking that “it’s nearly impossible, when aspiring to succeed as an entrepreneur, to bring such a rich set of experiences to bear. This was an opportunity to compress key learnings and experiences to help such entrepreneurial talent and, in the process, build goodwill, positive brand recognition, and share in the pride of the success of the mentee.”

Sundar Ranganathan

Sundar’s experience made him an ideal fit for Siddhartha’s goals and technology-focused business. Sundar started by teaching Siddhartha the importance of developing a sound business plan, explaining the elements required for success. He then helped him articulate his value proposition, which grew into a well-defined sales and marketing strategy and goto market plan.

As a result, Siddhartha was able to focus and prioritize a specific product offering over the several versions he was juggling. He successfully launched this offering, producing some early customer wins and creating the cash flow necessary for supporting his new start-up.

Reflecting on his experience, Siddhartha commented: “I did not have much idea of how to run a software business. Yes, I knew the starting point, but in the middle, I was in need of a advisor, guide, friend whom I could trust, discuss, and ask.”

Through his advising relationship with Sundar, Siddhartha found a trusted resource to help him navigate the waters of starting a business.